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29 Oct 14

Gorgeous office interns suck and fuck a big cock while making out then swallow a big load of jizz.

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Petite beach beauty with big tits deep throats cock before she gets her sweet shaved pussy fucked hard and her mouth filled with a big load of cum.

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An absolutely beautiful blonde with a great ass blows a big cock and swallows jizz.

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Tall blonde teen attempts to suck a big cock then gets her tight teen pussy fucked and she turns around and bounces on his cock before she gets face fucked and a big load of cum dumped into her mouth that she swallows.

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16 Sep 12

Nutsack Licker

We love chicks who love to lick our nut sack…. At least these whores know their place in life!!!


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She’s young and hot and seems to know a thing or two about pleasing her man! She’s down on her knees, has a firm grasp on his cock, and she’s sucking away like the good little whore that she is! This one was well trained!

young teen cock sucker knows how to please1

Even better, she strips down her clothes and starts licking his nuts! He’s got his hand behind her head gently guiding her to where he wants to be licked, and just like all men around the world he likes to have his balls licked!

And she’s not afraid!!!

young teen cock sucker knows how to please2

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13 Sep 12

Faith Loves Cock

Faith loves cock….. And she knows exactly how to give a killer blow job!

She knows that the best blow jobs employ a lot of licking – It’s all about the tongue on the cock and the cock in the mouth…… Start off by licking his nut sack and he’ll be yours forever!!!

faith loves cum9

She’s more than willing to invest the time in licking every last inch of his cock…. It will pay off later in the long run!!!!

faith loves cum10 faith loves cum11

The end result is a nice fat load of hot sticky cum in her mouth… And she loves the taste of warm cum on her tongue!

faith loves cum12

She’s a cute little blonde whore who loves cum!!!!

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8 Sep 12

Best Blow Ever

Janell knows how to please!

janel loves cock deep throats swallows cock4

This is one of those rare chicks who believes her entire purpose in life is to please her man, and she knows that nothing pleases a man nothing more than a good old fashioned blow job! But she knows all of the ins and outs of a blow job from start to finish….. She knows how men like having their cocks deep throated!

But Janell goes much further than that… She knows all about how men like to have their balls licked! And she has no problem scooting down to lick off the nut sack!

janel loves cock deep throats swallows cock1 janel loves cock deep throats swallows cock3

But Janell doesn’t stop with deep throating cock and then licking his balls…. That’s just foreplay for this hot chick!

The finishes up with this blow job by taking a load of cum in her mouth, looking his eyes while she savors it, and then swallows it all down like a good little whore!

janel loves cock deep throats swallows cock2

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22 Aug 12

Cock Sucking Hobby

Have you ever met a chick and just wondered what it would be like to have her tight little lips wrapped around your cock sucking you off? Here at the Swallow Blog we do it all the time. We’ll be at the mall, we’ll see a hot chick walk by, and suddenly we are wondering what it would be to have her on her knees sucking us off. Does she lick balls? Can she deep throat? Can she do both at the same time?

Does she enjoy sucking cock? We need to know. We’d love to find out!

Taylor here is the perfect example… The moment we first saw her we wondered what it would be like to have her bringing pleasure to our cock….


And thanks to Amateur Allure we aren’t disappointed!

Turns out that young Taylor loves sucking on cock…. She’s sucked so much cock that it’s second nature to her, almost like a hobby – A hobby we wish all women had!

But watching Taylor sucking cock….. We are surprised – Not only can she deep throat, but she can lick his nut sack while deep throating him! And that’s damn hot!

taylor-sucks-cock3 taylor-sucks-cock4

Think of Taylor the next time you are in public girl watching and wondering how well their oral skills are!

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