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18 Sep 12

Andi Hart

Young Andi Hart here seems to love sucking on cock… And that’s not a small little cock she’s got in her mouth either! This is a pretty damn good sized cock! She’s got her mouth full of it….

But of course this hot little cum hungry whore wouldn’t want it either other way…..

andi heart loves cock1

Because Andi Hart thinks the bigger the cock, the more cum that shoots out!

And she loves cum!!!

andi heart loves cock2

And blonde slut loves cum! She loves in her mouth, on her face, on her chest…… Yeah, she’s a cum lover all right!

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17 Sep 12

Twice The Cock

All of her life Sharon had one fantasy where she was sucking off two cocks at once….. Sharon is one of those chicks who loves the taste of cum in her mouth, and her fantasy reminded her that two cocks is not only twice the fun, but produces twice the amount of cum….

Sharon is fucking smoking hot with a great rack; Once she decided to make her fantasy a reality it was easy to pull off! Suddenly she found herself with two well hung cocks to play with!

sharon loves two cocks at once and swallowign cum86

Although Sharon could get any man she wanted, she knew how to give a great blow job – and didn’t hold back!

She could deep throat cock like you wouldn’t believe!

sharon loves two cocks at once and swallowign cum87

Sure enough, twice the cock gave her a great return – twice the amount of cum on her face!

And Sharon loves facials!!!!

sharon loves two cocks at once and swallowign cum88

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Andi Heart must really love cock! It seems like every time we see her she’s got a fat cock in her mouth, and she’s sucking it all down! And Andi Heart has never looked more beautiful than when she has a mouth full of cock! The best part is how she’s looking up at us while sucking him down. Clearly she’s been well trained in the art of oral sex!

That’s a fat cock Andi Heart has in her mouth…. But she’s no stranger to sucking down a fat cock now is she? She loves eating cock; It’s more than a hobby for her. If she had it her way she’d always have a hard cock on stand by if only to satisfy her oral fetish! And you know how chicks with an oral fetish love to please men!


Being as Andi Heart is so used to sucking cock, she knows all too well how to milk a cock for all it’s worth! And nothing turns on this big breasted blonde slut more than having a huge fat cock that shes just sucked off spitting out a nice huge load of jizz for her to swallow down! Because all women, even if they aren’t willing to admit it, love to swallow down jizz!

Some jizz tastes good, others not so much, but it’s not about how the jizz tastes in her mouth, it’s about the pleasure she gets when a load of cum is sliding down the back of her throat, turning on her man as much as it’s turning her on!


Don’t you just love chicks that love jizz?

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13 Sep 12

Eve’s Oral Hobby

It doesn’t get much hotter than this… This is Eve; She’s young and blonde and smoking hot. And the best thing about her is her willingness and desire to get down on her knees to suck off cock…. Cock sucking is more of a past time with her; It’s a hobby. She just loves sucking cock!

And we have yet to met a chick that looks as hot as she does when she’s sucking cock!

eve loves cum63 eve loves cum64

Seeing this beautiful blond teen sucking on our cock would make us bust a nut quickly…. All over her face!

eve loves cum65

But instead of shying away from our load of cum, she seems to enjoy having our hot man goo all over her face!

eve loves cum66

That’s a cum loving whore we’d like to have sucking off our cock more often!!!!

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12 Sep 12

Happy Ending

Don’t you wish all massages had a happy ending like this?

slutty red head eats jizz3 1

Turns out she was good at sucking cock, and took him on with her tongue rubbing over every last inch of his cock! Whoa, looks like she’s using a little bit too much teeth there! She needs to work on that!

But she makes up for it by the way she’s grabbing his cock and shoving it into her mouth!

slutty red head eats jizz3 2

She was bound to get him off, and get him off quickly! How could he hold out against her wicked tongue? He spit out his entire load right in her mouth, most of it hitting her chin…..

Looks to us like she doesn’t mind having a load of jizz right in her mouth!

slutty red head eats jizz3 3

And chicks like this who like jizz are always in high demand!

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11 Sep 12

Cindy Loves Cock

Cindy is anther hottie with an oral fetish….. She’ll suck on nearly anything from her fingers to the biggest cock she can wrap her lips around!!!

cindy swallows44

Just picture in your mind this hot blonde naked on her knees with her mouth full of your cock!!!!

It’s not too often you get to have a beautiful hot blonde like this sucking down your cock!!!!

cindy swallows45

And she’s one of those cum lovers who doesn’t shy away from a hot load of cum when it spits out!!! Instead, this hot blonde whore takes it right in the face!!!!!

cindy swallows46 cindy swallows47

What a great little blonde cocker this hottie is!!!!

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9 Sep 12

Oral Date

It started off looking like a typical date, but he was hoping to get her nice and drunk and maybe he’d get blown. What he didn’t know is that his date Jennifer loved sucking cock!

cum sucking slut3

After a few drinks she got down to business and started eating his cock raw like it was going out of style!

She started by licking it with her huge fat tongue, and then deep throating him while he pushed her lips deeper and deeper down his cock! This was turning out to be a great date after all!

cum sucking slut4 cum sucking slut2

She ended up taking his load of cum without regret and swallowed as much as it down as she could!

Then without a word – and with cum still on her face – she slipped her dress back on and carried on with the date, drinking from her glass, as if nothing happened!

cum sucking slut1

Why can’t more chicks be like this?

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6 Sep 12

Cum Gobble

Why is it that the blondes always love to suck down cock? Is it because blondes like to have more fun? Looks like this hot blonde is having a lot of fun with her mouth full of cock!!!

And we bet she can take a whole heck of a lot more cock if she wanted too!

hot blonde sucks cock takes facial1 hot blonde sucks cock takes facial2

But even better than her deep throating the living daylights out of this cock is the fact that she’s a cum junkie who loves swallowing cum!

She loves the taste – and she knows exactly how much it turns us on when chicks gobble down cum like this!

hot blonde sucks cock takes facial3

Looks like she got a good shot right across her face… That’s fine because this dumb blonde whore will swallow down as much as she can get!

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3 Sep 12

Teen Loves Cum

This hot little teen from the Only Teen Blowjobs site looks like she just got a load of cum in her mouth after sucking off that cock!

What a great little babe she is – You know she’s horny and loves the cum!!!!


This teen hottie can suck down cock like you wouldn’t believe!

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Who wouldn’t want to have a hottie like Capri Cavalli down on her knees sucking off their cock? Hotties like this who are willing to suck cock don’t come around too often!

And it’s rare to find one that loves to swallow down cum like this champion cock sucker!!!

capri cavalli sucking cock taking facial loves cum2

Yeah, this cutie loves the taste of cum in her mouth…. All she wants to do is swallow it down!!!!

capri cavalli sucking cock taking facial loves cum1

We just wish more chicks were like this – we love chicks who love cum!

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