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11 Sep 12

Cindy Loves Cock

Cindy is anther hottie with an oral fetish….. She’ll suck on nearly anything from her fingers to the biggest cock she can wrap her lips around!!!

cindy swallows44

Just picture in your mind this hot blonde naked on her knees with her mouth full of your cock!!!!

It’s not too often you get to have a beautiful hot blonde like this sucking down your cock!!!!

cindy swallows45

And she’s one of those cum lovers who doesn’t shy away from a hot load of cum when it spits out!!! Instead, this hot blonde whore takes it right in the face!!!!!

cindy swallows46 cindy swallows47

What a great little blonde cocker this hottie is!!!!

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Looks like Bella here has an oral fetish thing going on…. She loves to suck cock!

She knows how much it pleases her men….

bella loves cum1 bella loves cum2

It also pleases her when she gets a shot full of cum right up in her face!!!!

bella loves cum3

What a huge load of cum she took in her mouth!

Now the only question is can she swallow it all down in one shot without gagging….

bella loves cum4

We are guessing she can swallow it all down in one shot!!!

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31 Aug 12

Hungry For Jizz

All of us have had the same fantasy since we were younger – A hot big breasted blonde, half naked with her titties in plain view, sucking down cock like she hasn’t had anything to eat in six months….. We all love women who are willing to suck down cock, and of course blondes have more fun doing it.

This big breasted blonde really knows the right tricks – she’s got her hand firmly wrapped around his cock and she’s going to down on him! I bet you this chick can deep throat like it’s no one’s business too!

blonde swallows jizz 2

She also seems to have no problem eating jizz….. In fact, she looks really hungry for jizz!

blonde swallows jizz 1

She swallows it all down like it’s something she wishes she could do every day!

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Amateur Allure has the best cock sucking teens on the Internet…. And also the best cum swallowers! Because if a chick isn’t willing to swallow down your cum, all your getting is a blow job. And that’s only half the fun!

This cock sucker is a cute little hottie who knows how to deep throat… This is because she wants one thing and one thing only, and this is the only way to get it!


She wants his cum….. All of it! She’ll suck cock until the end of time just to get a little taste of his cum!

When he cums in her mouth she looks as happy as a damn clam!!!!


She loves eating cum – any time she can get it!!!

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27 Jul 12

Savoring Cum

Oh, you can tell this chick has a huge oral fetish….. She can’t wait to have her mouth filled up with some cock!!!

hot babe loves sucking cock eating cum2

No good man is going to deny a hot looking babe the pleasure of sucking off some cock if that’s what she really wants….. He whipped out his cock faster than you can say “suck me bitch“! And what a huge fucking cock it was!!!!

She took that cock in her mouth like it was no one’s business and sucked him down whole! She took in as much of his cock as she could!!!!

hot babe loves sucking cock eating cum3

Her efforts paid off. The more effort she put into sucking cock the larger his cock got; It seemed to grow in her mouth! And she loved that feeling!

As she deep throated his cock she could feel it pulsing; She knew he was about to cum! Let it rip!

He dropped his load right in her mouth – and left some behind on her lips for her to savor!!!

hot babe loves sucking cock eating cum4

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8 Jul 12

Blonde Eats Jizz

Some chicks love to the suck cock to the point where it’s an unhealthy obsession…. What’s really funny is the ugly chicks start to look hot when they are sucking cock, and the hot chicks still look even hotter!

This blonde haired cock sucker looks like she really knows how to handle a cock in her mouth! And she sure does look beautiful doing it too!

Who wouldn’t want to have this hottie sucking on your cock?


But the sucking of the cock is not her only ability here! She can swallow down jizz like it’s not one’s business!

Have you ever seen such a hot chick with jizz in her mouth?


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6 Jul 12

Cum Lover

Young Becky from Amateur Allure knows all about the birds and bees – and how to properly suck off a cock!

This teen’s deep throating abilities are pretty much second to none! She’s got that entire cock buried deep down her throat!


But that’s just the beginning for this teen oral delight….. Because not only can she deep throat any cock of any size, she can also swallow down any load of cum that any cock can spit out! And she’s not the kind to quickly swallow it down either!

She wants to see that she’s got your cum in her mouth before she gets rid of it!


She looks happy to have that load of cum in her mouth!!!!

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15 Jun 12

Jizz Mouthwash

Now this is just priceless… Some men seem to think that beautiful women don’t like sucking cock, no less swallowing down jizz…. And nothing could be further from the truth!

Case in point is this big breasted brunette from Jizz Mouthwash. (Great name for a cum swallowing website, by the way!) She’s so beautiful and also has huge boobs; She can have any man she wants. One would think she hasn’t sucked a cock in her entire life; She’s so beautiful she doesn’t have to. But instead she uses her beauty to get a bunch of men – three at a time – to stroke their cocks and suck them off. You see, she likes jizz and always wants as much of it as possible!

She’s jizz junkie!

big breasted chick sucks three cocks eats jizz3 big breasted chick sucks three cocks eats jizz4

She takes turns sucking them off, one at a time, but keeps the other cocks in reserve nice and hard by stroking them off!

Then she brings them right up to the edge until the moment they are ready to cum, and one at a time she has them shoot off their jizz load right into her mouth! She’s not shy about it either; She leans right into their cock, eyes open wide and mouth open, ready to accept their jizz load in her mouth!

big breasted chick sucks three cocks eats jizz5

Now that’s a lot of jizz she’s swallowing down!

big breasted chick sucks three cocks eats jizz6

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